About Us


  • Provide programs and services in the sector of arts, culture and leisures for all ages in accordance with the expressed needs of the community;
  • Provide meeting places for the organized activities by the community’s organizations;
  • Greet shows from the community groups and the private sector;
  • Greet meetings organized by the community, government agencies, institutions, citizens and the private sector.


In February 2004, the Municipal Council formed a committee composed of elected representatives, staff and citizens whose mandate was to study the feasibility of a Community Centre in Shediac. After numerous meetings, discussions and reports, the committee members proposed the construction and layout of a Multipurpose Centre. With the participation of several partners including the various government authorities, the project of a Multipurpose Centre in Shediac is growing. A new citizen’s advisory committee, resource persons and elected representatives is formed with a mandate to see to realization of this community project. The Construction began in August 2010 and officially opened his doors in fall 2011.